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At The Ballet Mini Meta

At The Ballet. So why wasn’t there more Kurt? Because giving him more in this song would have made zero sense.

Cannon Kurt is one of the kids to have a supportive home life. In the form of Burt and from what we’ve picked up in his mom. Taking part in the bits of song that discuss how dance was a home for him? Yep. That’ll work. But him singing a song about his horrible childhood? I couldn’t buy it. Not after we learn it was his mom who put in him ballet lessons. This song is about Santana and Isabelle, with tiny interesting nods to Kurt and Rachel.

We have met Santana’s mother. We’ve met her abuela. We’ve heard about her dad once, when she informed dentist Carl that her dad was a “real doctor.” Remember that theory a while back about Lima Heights actually being the good part of town? Well, what if it’s not Lima Heights that’s the good part? What if her dad just lives in a different (see richer) area than her mother’s family due to separation or divorce? “Daddy always said that he married beneath him. That’s what he said. That’s what he said.”

Isabelle, who’s childhood we know very little about, can be slotted right in here. We can’t use Kurt or Rachel because she needs to sing about a strained/difficult childhood relationship with her mother which Rachel and Kurt both didn’t have.

Though that being said, even the little lines given to Kurt and Rachel are perfect. The only clear solo line Kurt has is “Every prince has got to have his swan.” Of all the couples on Glee I would argue that Kurt and Blaine are the ones living out a fairy tale, and if someone wants to meta Kurt, Blaine and The Swan Princess be my guest. You could do a whole meta on that. (Oh and hey! More bird influences with Kurt. And the fact that little Kurt is the one with the magic wand. So he’s the one with the magic power. Which would make him the evil wizard? Then again Blaine could be the prince to betrays Odette (Kurt) for Ordile (Evil Eli). Okay, maybe I’ll just do it later.)

Rachel gets only two solo lines. “I used to dance around the living room.” in a rephrase which seems normal enough for a Rachel childhood, but what I think is REALLY interesting is “I was born to help their marriage.” Okay, that’s new. Because that story about being born to save their marriage is told by Isabelle. Why does Rachel snag this line? Did Leroy and Hiram Berry pull the old “Child to save our marriage” try except it sounded more like “All the work it will take for us, a gay couple in Ohio, to have a child will bring us closer together and save our relationship”? (Gay people pull just as much stupid shit in relationships as straight people. Trust me on this one).

Also, the WAY it was shot was really cool. It really was like a recording of a Broadway play with the closeups on the actors and the random shots from right and left of the stage.

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