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Apr 23 2014

Bears! Bears in the news room!

How Every Discussion About Female Characters Seems To Go Based Off The Six Or Seven Fandoms I’ve Been In Since Whenever The Hell I First Got Hold Of The Internet (2000?)

Enter: Female cannon character.

Enter: Toxic fandom reaction to everything she does.

Enter: Male cannon character.

Enter: Positive fandom reaction to everything he does even if the stuff he does is suspiciously identical to the actions of previously mentioned female character and/or horrific.

Enter: Insane fandom posts that compare female character to various barnyard animals.

Enter: Fandom discussion about misogyny.

Enter: Post about how perfect male character is.

Enter: Posts from fans who honest to god just like male character more than female character without previously mentioned crazy.

Enter: Discussion about how you can love male character without despising female character.

Enter: Post from fan who just finds female character boring…all of them.

Enter: “Some of my best friends are female characters!” post.

Enter: Post about how we are conditioned by culture to value male stories over female ones.

Enter: Some asshole on the Internet who writes a break down post about all of it (Hi mom! Look! I’m making something of myself!)

Exit: Pursued by a bear.

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Game of Thrones S04E03

Look he just wants to outlaw beets and have a kitten, okay.

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Game of Thrones | Mean Girls Edition

Why is it that I can so clearly hear Tyrion saying “Is butter a carb?”

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She’s so horrified about the couch! Hehehe!

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Blaine knows just the place down in Greenwich Village.

So much fucking love.

And they know Rachel. They’re interested in Rachel.

If this is a show about having and claiming community, she’s as much a part of this one as not.

And that’s great.

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ats meme: five quotes

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Come on man! You’re killing my eyes here!

"Oh my god! Why did you make your text THAT color when your back ground is THIS color! Don’t you want anyone to read this thing?"

The title of chapter 27 in my autobiography

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I like her. I would rather be her. She is formidable.

Let’s be real she’s the best character on the show. The show without her would be a good show…that I probably wouldn’t watch.

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